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United States
Hello All :wave:

I joined DA about 6 years ago when I had surgery on my feet. I was stuck in bed with nothing to do. My friend suggested this site and I have been loving it ever since.

I originally joined to submit art but now have been focusing on writing fan fiction. Someday I'll get back to drawing though

Also....CHECK OUT THIS REALLY COOL DA WORLD MAP! I could stare at it for hours :D
So....I'm supposed to be doing something productive but instead I'm gonna do another shout out! I haven't been too active on here, mostly just check out messages on my phone. But I can't really check out other people's art unless on my computer (like I am right now) so I'm going to take this opportunity to do just that....recognize my friends (both new and old) as a way of saying thanks. I hope you all have doing well and had a nice holiday. 

My newest friend :iconskymatashi: I love all of her artwork, but this one just speaks to me. Maybe because I'm sad today and he just looks so happy. :D

Armin Arlert by SkyMatashi

:iconlittlestfangirl: Looks like she's starting to write some stories herself. So happy :)
Promises and Nightmares- Captain America x Reader
Gore warning, although I'm not sure if it is enough for a mature content filter, comment below and let me know.
The reader can see the future but not the choices that lead up to it.. The reader is also a master in hand to hand combat. 
Also, Bruce Banner is your doctor in this.
The age of the reader in this is twenty-eight. Please forgive me for any grammatical and spelling errors, proper English is not my forte. 
This is also a poor attempt at writing angst for a contest for ShadowsByDay  
By the way, in this takes place after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron but before the events of Captain America: Civil War. 
F/N: First Name
L/N: Last Name
H/C: Hair Colour
H/L: Hair Length
H/S: Hair Style 
E/C: Eye Colour
Present Time
Location: Stark Tower, Steve's and Y/N's Room
Time: 9:48 am EST

    Blood. It was everywhere, staining your clothing, hair, and hands.

:iconharthwing: Well this one fits the creepypasta feel perfectly

RazorBlade - Redone by Harthwing

:iconshark-paper: This one is super awesome!

Turian OC by Shark-paper

:iconselenator-brown: This one is super pretty

Moonlight by Selenator-Brown

:iconhawkearswarriorcat: I could stare at this for hours

Happy Sweet 16 DeviantArt by HawkearsWarriorCat

:iconpassion00: More creepiness!

He, who hates the world the most by passion00

:iconzenyachao: (They also write creepy Corpse Party yandere fics. It's actually what inspired me to write my own story) :D Thanks again Zenyachao!

My First Rabbit~! (Kizami X READER)My First Rabbit (KIZAMI X READER)
You were left to die by whom you thought were your friends, in which they took your paper scrap, the only way home, the key thing that got you here in this nightmare of a elementary school in order for them a chance of escape since they lost their scraps. And they succeeded, they went home without you and you never felt so betrayed in your life. You were beaten down to the point where you couldn't even use your legs for how bruised they were, you even had to steal a blazer from a student's corpse to hide the teared up uniform underneath. To move around using your arm strength tired you out so easily. Eventually, you found your way inside the school's science lab, it would be your safe haven for however long you had left. Oddly enough, you weren't angry about your situation, you just wanted everything to be done and over peacefully.
To die in peace was your wish, not by the ghosts, nor by black fog known as The Darkening, you just wanted to die where yo

:iconcancerianbeauty: I love chibis and this one is no exception!

AP Hetalia OC- Ayelen Diaz (Argentina) 2.0 by CancerianBeauty

:icongiantstorylover: This one is really sad, but I still wanted to share it. 

Wheres the love in my mother's eyes?Note: this is a true poem about my mom. She isn't dead yet. nor does she live in a special home.
Where's the love in my mother's eyes?
They're just two black holes now.
The love is gone.
She has Frontal Temporal lobe dementia and Picks disease.
I can only see the love she USED to have in pictures
taken BEFORE this
heart wrenching,
depressing etc. disease.
She gets worse every freaking time I see her!
So where's the love in my mother's eyes?
It's gone.
I miss the old mom!
The mom before the illness!

:iconalice-akane: More chibi's!

Noragami - Yato ( Chibi ver. ) by Alice-Akane

:iconxxsilveretterosexx: She was another wonderful source of inspiration for my Corpse Party story. I recommend you check out her work, it's amazing! 

Abandoned (Yuuya Kizami X Reader)
You didn’t want to be alone anymore.
It was hell here, and being stranded in the middle of a dilapidated, terrifying hallway of Heavenly Host Elementary all by yourself was not your idea of fun. But with a broken leg, how were you supposed to move? And even if your leg wasn’t shattered from the ankle up, you didn’t think you had the will to keep surviving, anyway. Your best friend from Byakudan Senior High, Tohko Kirisaki, had suddenly gone crazy and turned on you, screaming at you to leave her alone. Then she attacked you (breaking and crushing your leg in the process) and stormed off. She had abandoned you, even when she said you’d stick together no matter what.
You felt hurt. You felt nauseated. You felt betrayed. You felt angry.  
And you had a sickening feeling that the shriek of agony you just heard didn’t belong to a complete stranger.
That scream sounded familiar, and you had an awful feeling it had come from someone you knew. Even though Tohk

:iconswordswoman15: MUSHROOMS

Mushrooms by swordswoman15

:iconunited1175: More stories!

Trapped Forever OCsQuick Analysis
    Hey guys, I wanted to give some information on the 7 O.C.'s from Trapped forever. If you want to show your art skills, just pick your favorite and draw.
Andrew (Main Protagonist):
Name: Andrew Caulfield
Physical Description: Black hair, Hazel eyes, Mirrored Aviators, Light skin, Wears A black Cadet Hat, a flowing black sports coat w/ black Button up collor ,Black dress pants,black socks, & Dress shoes
Character Relations: Andrew only "real friends" are in band. He dose have a secret crush on Sarah though. He feels mutual Attraction to all the characters, but he dose act kindly and make tries a good image of himself.
Information: Andrew is a clarinetist in the Fremont High School Band & the one who is desperate for friends. His Weeabooistic and occult centered life style, wound up him finding a news story of Shinozaki's Older Sister. This later lead to a fascination in Naho, & devises a

:iconkyasarinkishinuma: and :iconsi1verspirit: don't have any art to share but I wanted to give them a shout out nonetheless. 

I'm sorry if I forgot anyone but I gotta go for now. I'm actually really into this new story I found yesterday by :iconearthpoem: I recommend you go read it as well (cause it's awesome!)

Right fella (Reactions)  The Land of Gods and Monsters Chapter 1


More AoT Horses
And here's the rest of the horses from my Levi x Reader story. One the left is Petra's Horse, On the Right is Gunther's Horse and that adorable foal in the middle is your horse (the reader's horse) If you want to read my story click here:



Left Horse:

Middle Horse:

Right Horse:
AoT Horses
So....out of boredom I decided to photoshop some horses for my Levi x Reader story. So from left to right we have; Eld's Horse (the palomino) Oluo's Horse (white) and Levi's Horse (black stallion of course ;) I'll be coming out with the other horses soon. 

If you would like to read my story then click here ->



Palomino Horse:

White Horse:

Black Horse:
The rest of the day was awkward to say the least. Every time you saw Eren you could tell by his face that he desperately wanted to talk to you. You wanted to talk to him too, you had to clear the misunderstanding so that you could both get back to being friends. He was probably just feeling lonely and you couldn't blame him. The people here weren't exactly the friendliest bunch and they were downright rude at times. It was apparent the mistrust they had of him.
Thanks to the captain's insane rule, you weren't allowed to talk to Eren in private. The best you could do was just a few passing words when no one was looking. You were never able to make it past the 'I"m sorry' phase before someone would come along. Finally you couldn't take it anymore. The next time you met, you would talk to him no matter what. 

"Eren!" you hiss to him as he passes your hiding spot. 

"[Name]? Hey!" he yelped as you pulled him roughly by the collar. 

"You don't have to apologize, I understand why you wanted to kiss me," you quickly say

"K-kiss you?" he laughed nervously "I was never-"

"Yeah right," you scoff "I could tell by your eyes. It doesn't matter though. I just want to say that it's okay, but you should know that I do not feel the same way about you." Despite his denial before, you could see his face fall a little. "But I still want to be friends, in fact I need you as a friend. You're the only one I can trust around here,"

Eren's eyes widened "You don't trust the Captain? He's a little a cold at times but he saved my life,"

"That's great for you, but he's been nothing but a prick to me. He's hiding something and I'm determined to get to the bottom of it," 

"Hey [Name], I don't know-"

You sigh deeply "I understand your hesitation and I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable with. But I'm still going to go for it. If you can't help, I understand. Just don't say anything to Captain or anyone else...please,"

Eren's face softened as he sighed "Your secret is safe with me. Just please be careful," 

"Thank you," you squeeze his hand in gratitude. "Alright, we should get out of here, separately. You go first," 
Eren nods and made his way into hall, shooting you one last smile before he left. 

You waited a good minute before you left yourself. Luck wasn't so kind to you, for as soon as you walked out you bump into none other than Levi himself. Immediately you drop your head and beg forgiveness for your clumsiness. "Where have you been soldier [Name]?" his words were like ice "You were with him, weren't you?"

You knew that it would be stupid to lie to him, you were terrible at bluffing "Yes sir," you reply, still avoiding his eyes.

"Look at me," he demanded.

Slowly you raise your head to look at the face of doom. To your surprise they didn't look as hateful as they usually were towards you. Mostly irritation with a hint of concern "Did he force you?"

"What?" you eyes widen "No of course not!" 

"I see," he replied emotionless.  

"I'm sorry we met in private, but I really needed to talk to him,"

"All you had to do was ask," he seemed a little irritated at your answer. 

"Would we have been able talk privately?"


You scoff loudly "Well in that case, I'm not sorry," His lips and eyes tightened. "Don't give me that look," you snap "I have the right to talk to him. He's my friend and he's not dangerous like you say he is!"

"You don't have the privilege of saying that,"

"Privilege?" you yell

"It's my job to protect you and Eren Yeager is dangerous. So I command you to stay away from him,"

"Wait, did you say protect?" You remember overhearing something like this from his meeting with the Commander.

"Of course I have to protect you," he growled "You're so weak, it's pathetic," 

Finally you snapped "Hey!" you slam him against the wall "I graduated the top in my class and could have chosen to work with the Military Police if I wanted to. You denied me that choice! If it was up to me then I would be with them instead of with your sorry ass,"

"You know that's a lie, you've always wanted to join the Survey Corps. You along with your boyfriend Yeager," he spat venomously. 

"Boyfriend?" you pulled back, completely caught off guard by his words "We're just friends. But that's none of your business anyways!" 

"Everything you do is my business! I was ordered to protect you!"

"From who?" you demand. 

"That's none of your business," he growled back.

"If it involves me then it is my business!"


With a crash, Levi pushed you against the wall knocking your breath out of you. "I said it's none of your business," he hissed, "Back off," You let out an involuntary whimper as he squeezed your wrists to the point of bruising.

"I would," you say slowly "but you're the one pushing me against a wall," 

Levi's eyes hardened, his lips tightening into a grimace. You braced yourself for his response. You didn't know why you kept back talking to him. Surely it wasn't going to end well for you.

"Why?" he finally sighed. He seemed to be at his wits end. "Why must you fight me every step of the way?" he looked at you with pleading eyes "Can't you see that this is for your own good?"

"I can't see anything if you don't tell me what's going on," you reply gently, hoping that he'll finally give you an answer. 

His lips trembled, and for a moment you thought you'd get your wish.


In a stampede of footsteps, the hyperactive squad leader Hanji came bounding down the hall. "AH HA I FOUND YOU!" 

"I was never hiding, Hanji," Levi sighed, rubbing his head as if in pain.

"I need to talk to [Name]!" she demanded excitedly.

"Talk to me about what?" As soon as you spoke you immediately regretted it.

"AH THERE YOU ARE TOO!!!!" she squealed, latching tightly onto your body. 

"Please let go," you beg, but through her excitement Hanji didn't seem to hear. 

"What do you want four eyes?" Levi asked irritatingly.


"Fine," Levi closed his eyes and sighed "Just bring her back for din-" he stopped when he realized the two of you weren't there anymore. For once he was happy that Hanji took you. He knew he had already said too much as it was. He was going to have to stay on his toes to keep his secrets well as punish you for insubordination. That thought alone was enough to make him smile as he carried on down the hallway. 

Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 11
Ugh I hate the ending sigh  But I've played around with it enough. I gotta go to bed now. But comments appreciated as always! *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) Thanks for reading. 


Part 1:

Attack On Titan and it's characters © Isayama Hajime
Story by me of course Wink/Razz 




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                                  Warm sweater [Adventure Time]      
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