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Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 31
(A/N: Every time you see a *** it means the POV has changed)
"Damn that woman," Levi cursed once Hanji left. Hesitantly you came out of the closet to find the your Captain seething as he tried, but failed, to put on his cravat. It was kinda cute watching him struggle even though his fury was unsettling. 
"Here, let me help you," you sigh making your way over to him.
"I can do it myself," he growled while staring at you intensely. 

"Don't be prideful," you scold, lightly slapping his fingers away. Levi let out his famous 'tch' but didn't fight back. Once you were done you placed a quick kiss on his cheek "See that wasn't so bad huh?" you smile as his cheeks darkened slightly.
"Get your shoes on, brat," he commanded after clearing his throat slightly.
"Yes sir," you roll your eyes, walking over to the bed where Levi had placed them the night before. When you were done you found him waiting by the door. "Um, before we leave, sir," you pause uncertainly "What do we
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 12 26
Mature content
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 30 :icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 18 58
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 29
"Guys I'm not going to tell you," you sigh heavily as you looked into your friends' eyes. They had been bothering you for 10 minutes straight now. 
"Booo!" Sasha pouted "Come on [Name]. You've never had an interest in anyone before. Please tell us!"
"Yeah, come on it'll be funny," Ymir smirked. 
"Guys leave her alone, if she doesn't want to say anything then that's her choice!" 
"Ah Christa, you're too nice for your own good," Ymir sighed "But we're not letting you off the hook [Name]," 
"Why do you guys want to know so bad?" you ask in exasperation. 
"Because you're our friend! Friends tell each other everything!" Sasha stated as it was obvious. 
"Would it help if we told you who we liked as well?" Ymir sighed 
"No, because I don't care!" you argued. "It's none of my business just like it's none of your business to know about how I like,"
Ymir continued regardless "Well Christa likes Reiner and I like her, sort of," Ymir cleared he
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 21 40
She looks so scared by digitalbird06 She looks so scared :icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 2 24
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 28
You were taken a back by his words, blinking several times to make sure you heard him right. A look of concern washed over Levi's features. "What's wrong?" he asked
"What...did you just call me?"
He seemed confused by your question "I called you [Name],"
"No you didn't," you reply hesitantly. Was he lying to you or did he really not know?
Levi pursed his lips, brows furrowing as if in deep thought. After a moment he finally asked "What did I call you?"
You look to him with uncertainly. Did you really want to hear his answer? You knew that he was in love with Natasha, a feeling that didn't come easily to a man like him. But did that mean he only liked you only because you looked like her? That he didn't really care about who you were as a person? "I must just be hearing things," you  finally muttered, cursing under your breath for being so weak. 
It was obvious Levi wasn't too pleased with your answer, but for once he decided not to push you for it. Your expression pained him
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 16 27
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 27
Levi's shock quickly turned to rage as he stared down at your sheepish expression. "So this was all a trick?" he snapped, grabbing you by the collar and pulling you up to meet his scowling face.
"No, of course not!" You reply anxiously, holding up your hands in surrender. 
"I watched you die [Last Name]!" he growled pushing you to the ground. Your body flinched not only from impact but at the fact that he called you by your last name. That was not a good sign. 
"I can explain!" you plead as climbed to your feet. 
"Save it," Levi replied coldly. Turning on his heel he made his way over to Eren "We have bigger problems right now," 
"What are you going to do?!" you gasp as he took out his sword. 
"I'm getting Eren out," Jumping up on his neck, Levi plunged his sword into Eren's titan neck. 
"Stop, you'll kill him!" you cry as you ran over to him, but you were blocked by the Commander's arms. 
"Relax [Name]," he said, though it was more of an order
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 19 49
The girl with the multi-colored eyes (Part 4)
Marceline was speechless for a moment from the fact he even asked her something like that, also noticing he called her by her first name. By the way Levi was acting, maybe he had never actually told this to another person before. That he wanted to get to know them better. It made her heartbeat start racing like mad once again. Her cheeks began to turn a light shade of red that she attempted to suppress. But besides all of that, there's no way she would turn down such an offer from him.
"Y-You would?" she questioned, looking up at him with slightly wide eyes. Though a warm smile soon followed. "I'd like to get to know you better too." the girl admitted sheepishly, averting her gaze from him. Marceline detested how flustered she currently felt. It wasn't like her to have that feeling of your heart beating out of your chest, or the anxiety in your gut
"R-really?" Levi's voice was barely audible as he took in what she said. He honestly didn't think she'd say yes. I mea
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 4 3
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 26
Your hearing returned before you sight did and the things you heard were terrifying. A deafening roar blasted throughout the small shack causing it to literally blow apart. The ground shook like an earthquake while the air rapidly grew hot. Petra screamed at Eren while Levi cursed under his breath. The ground began to shake once more, slowly settling down as the monstrous roar began to fade. "Petra, get the horses!" you heard the Commander yell. "Levi we need to go after him!"
"Go on without me," Levi grumbled. You could feel his breath on your face and you tried hard not to react. 
"She's gone Levi," The Commander answered urgently "Don't make her sacrifice in vain" 
"Leave me the fuck alone!" Levi roared, the pain in his voice was heart wrenching.
"People are going to die if we don't stop him. Innocent people! Do you really want their blood on your hands?" When Levi didn't answer, the Commander continued "She'll still be here when we're done," 
"Commander, I got the ho
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 20 55
Mature content
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 25 :icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 18 21
The girl with the multi-colored eyes (Part 3)
Marceline sat there for a moment, watching as he walked out into the hall. She didn't want to go after him, especially if he needed time to cool down. "I won't regret it." she said to herself in a stern tone. Afterwards, she stood from the table and pushed her seat back in, heading to the training grounds with the others as ordered.
In that moment, she had gained a lot of respect for the raven haired man. The fact that he said those things, although though it wasn't too much, it meant something to her. It was probably difficult for him to even tell the little that he did. It was something Marceline would refuse to disclose to anyone else.

Levi made his way quickly down the hall. He doubted the girl would come after him, but he didn't want to take that chance. He also needed to get back to training. He had spent too much time with her and he was sure that the other Scout Members were wondering where he was. Making his way outside he was surprised to see the two cadets, Braus and
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 5 5
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 24
As you neared the stables you could hear Oroka's excited whinnies from her stall. It'd been awhile since you had seen her, and you had to admit you were looking forward it. She was like a burning ball of energy, and you could use a pick-me-up after everything you'd been though.
As you approached her stall however, something changed. Her eyes went from excitement to fear with every step you took. By the time you reached for the latch, she had backed herself against the wall. "Oroka? What's the matter?" You ask, deep concern washing over your face. Wanting to comfort her, you unlock the latch and step inside. Throwing her head back, she let out a huge snort and stared transfixed at you. "Whoa whoa, easy girl," you coo, reaching your hand out for her to smell. 
Tentatively she stepped forward, flaring her nostrils as she breathed in your scent. After a few nervous seconds, she began to relax allowing you to gently stroke her forehead. "There you go," you smile, reaching behind her ea
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 21 21
The girl with the multicolored eyes (Pt 2)
"How do you like your tea?"
Marceline was taken back by the question, not expecting this to be why he had brought her away from the training grounds. Though, it made her smile a bit for some unknown reason. Nevertheless, she couldn't simply turn down some tea. "Ah, black tea is good sir. But I can make it myself, if you want me to." the girl offered as she looked over at him from the table with curious eyes.
'She wants to help me?' Levi pondered her question as he stared back at her with a blank expression on his face. "Yeah sure," he finally muttered, stepping aside so that she could access the counter. It would be interesting to see if she could make a good cup of tea, one fit for his standards. 
As he moved to sit down, he kept his eyes fixated on her, watching her closely as she boiled the water and carefully poured it into his mug and then her own. He mumbled a 'thank you' as she set down his tea and took her seat at the other end of the table. Leaning his face over th
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 4 12
The girl with the multicolored eyes (Levi x O.C)
(A.N) This is part of a role playing game I'm currently having with Kouuji The sentences written in italics are her lines while the rest of it is what I wrote. I'll provide the link to her O.C. Marceline in the description below. This is an ongoing story but I wanted to share with you what I have written so far. Hope you enjoy!
"It's been six years today,"
The Commander turned to face the stoic man, who's eyes were gazing aimlessly out the window. "Do you still have regrets?" he asked, taking a slow sip of his coffee. 
"No," the short man answered in a slow exhale. "I no longer have regrets," 
"About anything?" The Commander's asked, his eyebrow arching with his mild curiosity.
The Corporal sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingertips."Why do you seek answers you care nothing about?" 
"I do care," The Commander's voice was sharp, enough to catch the smaller man's attention. "We've known each other for awhile now and we've fought m
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 10 17
Mature content
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 23 :icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 16 60
Mature content
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 22 :icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 22 33
Smile [Levi x Reader] Part 21
"Thank you [Name]"

Did you really just hear that? Scratch that, did you really just hear Captain Levi say that? If not for your previous interaction with him you'd have thought you were just hearing things. Your lips curled as you remember the other shocking thing he did. Gingerly, you touched your lips in hopes you could still feel his warmth but sadly it had long since left. You did detect the hint of salt on them, most likely from his tears. You still couldn't believe you were able to make him cry. You wouldn't be surprised if the last time he shred tears was when Natasha died. Either way it was a long time coming. 
But what did all this mean in regards to your relationship? Was he going to go back to being indifferent towards you? You prayed that it wouldn't be so. Not after all that you had been through, both physically and mentally. Despite not remembering about your own past you were sure that on some level you could relate to his pain. Perhaps the reason for
:icondigitalbird06:digitalbird06 24 28


Cat Adopting (Levi Ackerman x Reader) {AU}
    “Can we?”
    “Oh, come on, Levi! It’s just a cat.”
    “No, it’s just another creature that eats, shits, and will annoy me,” he said bluntly.
    “I’ve been wanting a cat for so long, it would mean the world to me so please?” you begged. He paused for a moment, thinking about his answer. Your eyes grew wide, thinking for just a split second that he would actually say yes-
    “No,” he replied, turning his back to you to continue what he was doing.
    You huffed, starting to get very annoyed with the m
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 93 31
She's Mine, Pt.1 (Levi X Reader)
~A/N: Please Listen As You Read! ~
I never felt so alive, I never felt so alive
Catch me, don't you..
Catch me, don't you catch me
I've fallen in love for the first time

    Unadulterated love.
    Unadulterated, pristine, genuine love is all he felt in this moment.
    Her eyelashes reflected the golden rays of sunlight permeating through the curtains, her countenance peaceful as she stirred gently in her slumber. She seemed as if she were in heaven, the way a delicate smile decorated her lips, how her hair fell perfectly around her cheeks to frame her face and how the amber light made her silken skin glow like a seraph. The utter radiant beauty in her simple position curled up in milky white sheets couldn't possibly be captured within a photograph or painting. She was a goddess, even with her small snore.
    As his gaze fluttered over her, he felt his heart swell with joy. He felt so un
:icongreystream:Greystream 142 40
Mature content
Reader x Levi - Smut!Release the Beast :iconmythiica:Mythiica 50 37
Eren Jaeger - Attack on Titan by minibuddy Eren Jaeger - Attack on Titan :iconminibuddy:minibuddy 291 32 Do You Hate Me? -Attack on Titan by minibuddy Do You Hate Me? -Attack on Titan :iconminibuddy:minibuddy 1,730 148 This comment by AttackonTitanLoverr This comment :iconattackontitanloverr:AttackonTitanLoverr 18 10 More Levi by x-Rivai-x More Levi :iconx-rivai-x:x-Rivai-x 37 4 Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan by StormMulls Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan :iconstormmulls:StormMulls 13 0 Lance Corporal Levi: Stallion by AzziNeh Lance Corporal Levi: Stallion :iconazzineh:AzziNeh 69 37 Smile! by FantageDawn Smile! :iconfantagedawn:FantageDawn 29 15 Armin Arlert | Shingeki no Kyojin by FantageDawn Armin Arlert | Shingeki no Kyojin :iconfantagedawn:FantageDawn 36 16 Clean it now! by Hoirima Clean it now! :iconhoirima:Hoirima 26 14 SEASON 2 by Nami-v SEASON 2 :iconnami-v:Nami-v 44 7 Demons inside by Vesinir Demons inside :iconvesinir:Vesinir 7 2 Childhood by Sasukech Childhood :iconsasukech:Sasukech 56 6 Levi Ackerman _Attack on Titan by SiriCC Levi Ackerman _Attack on Titan :iconsiricc:SiriCC 550 57



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United States
Hello All :wave:

I joined DA about 6 years ago when I had surgery on my feet. I was stuck in bed with nothing to do. My friend suggested this site and I have been loving it ever since.

I originally joined to submit art but now have been focusing on writing fan fiction. Someday I'll get back to drawing though

Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?
Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which Undertale Soul Are You?
Which Undertale Soul Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Would You Survive Heavenly Host Elementary?
Would You Survive Heavenly Host Elementary?
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What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
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What Kind Of Pony Are You?
What Kind Of Pony Are You?
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Which Naruto Character Are You?
Which Naruto Character Are You?
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What Naruto Animal Personality Do You Contain?
What Naruto Animal Personality Do You Contain?
Hosted By Anime

Also....CHECK OUT THIS REALLY COOL DA WORLD MAP! I could stare at it for hours :D



Okay guys so I have been searching (and obsessing a bit) on trying to find the perfect art to feature for my story. You guys have to go check it out and give the artist lots of love for me! Thank you so much Shibuz4 
  Levi Ackerman by Shibuz4
Song Fic?

Hey all, So I've been thinking of holding a friendly writing competition. In a lot of my stories I have featured song lyrics from some of my favorite artists. The next page of my story will be such an example (we'll see if any of you can guess what song it is)

But I thought it be cool if other people wanted to try incorporating a song into a story? It could be part of an existing story you're writing or just a short scene from an entirely new one. I don't have any prizes to give, but I will feature the winner in a journal as well as write a special critique for it. 

My only rule is that you can't just put the whole song in your story, but rather incorporate some of the lyrics into sentences. If you want to see an example you can check out story I wrote a while back that featured some of Ed Sheeran's songs. 

  Forever (A Fiolee Adventure)*NOTE This is a continuation to Fantasy I and II, please re-read one of those if you're lost. Links below*
By morning the two lovers awoke, entangled in each other's arms. Marshall opened his eyes first, and tenderly caressed Fionna's cheek. Her eyes fluttered open to greet him. They sparkled with the morning light, while the sunlight bathed her body. Marshall leaned over her and put his open lips on hers and slowly let them shut. They fit perfectly as if designed to be together. "Hey beautiful," he whispered softly as their lips parted
"Hey," she replied sleepily, her soft lips stretching into a smile. "How did you sleep?"
"Great, considering I'm normally up all night. How about you?"
"Like a log," Fionna sighed heavily. 
"I'm glad" Marshall chuckled and kissed her nose. Fionna felt her cheeks flush red "Good to know I can still make you blush from a kiss," Marshall smirked
"Marshall," she groaned, looking away embarrassed. 
"Hey it'll be a sad day for me when I can't a

If anyone is interested in participating let me know in a comment. 
Point of view change?

Hey everyone, so up until this past chapter I had been trying to keep my Levi x Reader story from the POV of the reader only. However I've been thinking about adding in Levi's thoughts as well but I wanted to see how you all felt about that. Is that something you'd like? Or should I keep it strictly from the reader's perspective?
Going marching tomorrow! Hey y'all just wanted to let you know I'm going to Washington DC for a woman's march. Fighting for rights of all my female friends!
Sup everyone, how ya'll doing? Me I'm super chill today and excited cause it's Friday! Woot Woot. As you can probably guess, I've been tagged by the wonderful :iconagathatsip: It's been a while since I've done one and with all my new friends, prepare to be tagged. EVIL Laughter!  So here we go. 

1.What's your favorite color?

Bullet; Red Blue I guess, but I pretty much like all colors. 

2.What do you do on your free time?

Bullet; Yellow Write and watch Netflix and sleep! I love sleeping. Sleep 

3.Who is your favorite anime character?
Bullet; Green Well it used to just be Levi Ackerman Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2] but now I'm starting to like Reiner too Reiner Braun-01 [V2] He's so hot Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5] 

4.How tall are you?

Bullet; Blue 5'9" pretty tall for a girl

5.Do you have pet? If not would you like to have one?

Bullet; Purple I have 3 cats Cat Bullet Black  and a husband. lol

6.If you had to choose between your favorite character and favorite villain,who would you choose?

Don't make me choooooose! beg 

7.Would you like to live in an anime?If yes which one?

Bullet; Pink Well I'd like to meet my crushes but they kind of live in a terrifying depressing titan eating people world. So I guess I'd choose the Naruto world because that's my second favorite show. 

8.What kind of person are you?

Bullet; Red A good one I hope

9.How will your best friend describe you with one word?

Bullet; Orange Entertaining

10.Have you ever wished a character from an anime to be real and if yes who?

Bullet; Green Not really, but I guess it'd be cool to meet Levi and Reiner. Though I would tower over Levi! Hatsune Miku-04 (Laughs) 

11.What kind of music do you like?

Bullet; Blue All kinds, except hard core Rap and very twangy country music

Okay so my questions, hmm *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (...I Wuv It!) 

1. How old are you (I'm soooo curious!)

2. Why did you join DA?

3. What are your goals in life?

4. Drawing or writing? 

5. What's your favorite animal? 

6. What's one thing you like about yourself?

7. What's one thing you like about me? (Hopefully there's a least one thing okaay.... )

8. Do you have a favorite anime/movie character?

9. What's your favorite video game (or movie if you don't play games)

10. Make up a question and answer it (I literally cannot think of another question lol)

Who say I tag, hmmm......Bunny Emoji-86 (Sneaky) [V5] 

:icondoodlemcpuffpuff: :iconroxannelestrange: :iconsoulraider116: :iconmlprocks18: :iconpinkswirlz: :iconbuttercup234: :iconthe-water-maidenmoon: :iconrainbowinvisiwolf: :iconmbforlife: :iconzaneeyre: :iconxxxlovetodrawxxx: :iconduuhnisse: :iconyung-otaku: :iconsou-the-cat: :iconfanficloverartmaster: :iconkouuji: 

Tah-tah my dearies! I must get back to work before I get in trouble. Sans Nervous Icon 
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